Sonic The Hedgehog

sonic the hedgehog computer game was first released in 1991 done by the company Sega. It is a platform game that features a blue hedgehog with spikes for hair called Sonic.

Sonic can run at high speed and needs to collect gold rings so that he can be protected from enemies or dangerous objects like fire and spikes. Collecting 100 gold rings will give you an extra life but if you fall down, run out of time or fall then you will lose it and the rings at the same time. You must go through each of the six zones to progress. Lamp posts act as checkpoints and when Sonic loses a life you will go back to the nearest one to start that section again.

If you get through a zone and still have 50 rings you will be eligible to go and partake in a special stage and need to try and get the Chaos Emerald. In later editions of the game, there are battles and two-player tag modes that have been introduced. Also, some extra treats can be found and there has been the addition of many supporting characters with Shadow and Silver being the main ones.

Since the original version came out there have been many variations made and the game can also be played on many formats. There have been reports of people not being happy with camera problems and not being able to complete the game but it does seem that Sonic is still a favorite among many gaming fans.